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July 24th, 2018: Jesus, my Proxy Server...

Ammended: Feb. 23, 2020 - to more clearly state how proxies break the original connection and create their own to complete the transaction.

When I was growing up, I knew about God from my family conversations and going to church. However that knowledge wasn't enough for me to KNOW God, anymore than being able to resolve a DNS query will get you connected to a remote system.

At some point it became clear to me I needed God in my life. I longed for meaning and purpose and realized nothing I did filled that desire. In fact, most of what I did just hurt myself more. I found answers in the Bible, but was still seperated spiritually from God. What I needed was a route...some static path I could use to make the connection to God that wouldn't change or depend on my individual efforts.

Anyone who knows anything about computer networking knows you can't just plug in a cable have everything magically work. There has to be a particular route configured to allow all the SYNs and ACKs to function both ways. One way to allow a network (me) to talk to another (God) is by using a routable proxy server; a system that is connected to both networks individually, but can pass traffic between. This is done by essentially termenating the original connection from the source, creating a new connection from itself to the destination, then connecting this with the original connection. In this way, the local network (me) can become connected with the remote network (God) with the connection appearing to originate from the trusted proxy, Jesus.

Of course this might sound a little complicated, and you'd be right. Connecting from one network to another is tricky business. Any incompatibility or inconsistancies could be disasterous, however the good news is Jesus is able to reconcile such issues. Being a trusted 'device' as it were, He masks any fault we might be bringing to the session so that all the other side sees is Him. We are shielded all together, but how?

Being of God; that is, having the same nature and identity as God, as well as man; that is, taking on the nature and mortality of man, Jesus is able to perfectly bridge the divide between God and man. Instead of a route of 1's and 0's however, this route was made in blood, His holy blood, which had to be shed to pay for the sins of mankind. (John 3:16). But the good news doesn't stop there! Since this isn't a route we could make ourselves, it's equally not a route we could break ourselves. It's totally reliant on God's infrastructure alone.

Now, I hear you asking "What? What do you MEAN, Jesus is the only way? Aren't there many ways to God?" There are certainly many beliefs systems out there, I freely admit, but don't confuse the presense of many connection attempts with an actual connection. For system A to talk to system B, routes have to be defined, ports have to be listening, and firewalls have to be open, all in a very particular way. In the case of mans relationship with God, Jesus IS that particularity. No other routes answer all the problems between us and God. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

So...all that being said, how is YOUR connection with God? Are you connected? Are you sure?