WaryByte Blurb

My Philosophy on Wariness

August 11, 2020

I wanted to take a few minutes to describe the importance I put in wariness. Wariness is defined as feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems. So who needs to be wary, you might ask. Spies? System Admins? Executives? Yes, along with you and everyone else. Allow me to explain.

Being wary in life has nothing to do with being paranoid. It's a healthy recognition and awareness of dangers that can and do exist and acting accordingly. I started Warybyte to help people understand the dangers specific to their personal information, but my hope is you see the application of this material outside the realm of data security alone. When you learn to engage with your surroundings to the point you notice personnel wandering the office without a badge or that phishing email, you’ll be more likely to notice a suspicious vehicle cruising your neighborhood a little too slow.

Now, I hear what your thinking so lets get right too it. This whole wariness thing isn’t going to earn you a lot of cool points, but there is a reason for this tension and it CAN be worked through. Wariness often butts heads with urgency and progress, but this is a normal tension. Everybody wants to be thought of as fast and progressive because those are sexy. But there has to be a balance between the creative and cautious to achieve any level of stability and security...in this case YOUR stability and security. I emphasize this point because I believe that EVERYONE has something to offer this world, and that something should be willfully poured out by us, not drained by somebody else.

WaryByte was founded to help do just that. Rather than simply peddling products, I want my posts and research to provide practical ways people can be wary about their information and identity by explaining technology in a more wholistic way. If this interests you, please stay tuned in!