Microsoft DiskPart

October 23, 2014

I found a very cool built in Windows utility this evening trying to fix a borked
partitian on and SD card.

This IS NOT your Disk Management application, which does little more than initialize
drives that are attached to your computer. Formatting a drive only destroys the data
stored on the drive. DISKPART will actually go a level deeper to wipe out any and all
partitian tables.
Basic commands to delete partitian table:
- Open cmd.exe as Administrator
- Type in 'diskpart' to start the application
- 'list disk' will show all the drives attached with their appropriate sizes
- Find the drive you want to repartitian (use Disk Manager if needed)
- Select your drive by typing 'select disk #' with # being the number of the drive listed
- Verify selection by seeing a '* ' to the left of your drive
- Type 'clear' to wipe out any partitian tables on the drice.

To list a slew of other fun commands with this utility, simply type '?' to list them.

Hope this helps someone stuck with a bad partitian on the 'Ders!

System Tested: Windows 8.1 Pro running Diskpart version 6.3.9600